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RS Wallace is a self-taught oil painter whose style centers within abstract expressionism and impressionism using vibrant flairs of color and bold movements, reflecting the path of her life's influences. Her work is inspired by the study of light – the trail of textures and hues created in its wake – and the energy it evokes in both physical and metaphysical environs. Most frequently the nature of her subjects and expression rests within the human experience of spiritual beings learning how to live within a physical existence and the polarities which exist in the constructs of modern society and the  individual’s journey for greater fulfillment through connection, relationship and inner well-being.


Born and raised nestled within the bucolic rolling hills of Chester County, Pennsylvania, fireflies and stars set RS' imagination, whimsy and sense of adventure ablaze; That plucky spirit then hit a stride -- surviving and thriving -- for more than a dozen career years in New York City, settling in Hudson County, NJ, where the inspiring lights of Times Square magically flashed and twinkled across the Hudson River. Now fulfilling a childhood dream of living encompassed by the city streets and countryside, RS spends her time between the county that raised her and the city that made her. 

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